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Barmitzvah's and Christenings

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Baby Showers, Christenings and Parties
We love your perfect family occasions and sharing in your love and happiness and our Candy Buffets and sweetie tables certainly add to the joy. We can create a sweetie or dessert table whatever your theme or colours, from classically elegant to crazy, wild and wonderful.
When you have a special occasion for a loved one and you are looking for ideas to give them a day to remember then welcome to The Sweetie Factory. Let us know your ideas and we can provide bespoke looks and theming for your occasion. Don't forget we can provide a range of kosher or vegetarian sweets and candy or even fruit!

One of The Sweetie Factory candy buffet would be the icing on the cake of your party be it a Christening, baby shower, Bar mitzvah or bridal shower because it combines so many elements into one. Sheer spectacle that your guests will marvel at and a fantastic thrill for both kids and adults alike.
Unlike other party and Bar mitzvah ideas, a candy buffet is both different and unexpected. Your guests help themselves to fill their bag at the sweetie table with all of their favourite candy and sweets including kosher and other dietary requirements.
We can provide a wide variety of sweets and candy not available on the retail market meaning that you are sure to have some of the most delicious treats you have ever encountered.
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