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Birthday Parties, Bar mitzvah's and Bat mitzvah's

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Your Perfect Birthday Candy and Sweet Table.

Whatever the birthday celebration, either a kid's party or a 50th birthday shindig, a Bar or Bat mitzvah, there is no doubt that a Candy buffet and Sweetie or Dessert Table from the Sweetie Factory will impress and delight your guests.
We can create candy buffets to suit a range of age groups and styles just a selection from:

Alice in Wonderland
Willy Wonka
Hollywood Glamour
Beach party
A touch of Africa, or if you want
Super hero parties
Rockstar parties
Bollywood parties.

When you want some special unique ideas for your birthday sweets we are only a phone call away. Don't forget we can provide a range of kosher or vegetarian sweets and candy or even fruit! To make sure you get something more memorable than some vases on a table you need a Birthday sweetie, dessert or Candy Buffet from The Sweetie Factory!
We come and set up your Candy Buffet at your venue, marquee or home with our beautiful glass jars (acrylic can be available for kids parties) and we theme the buffet in the style and colour you want, and of course come and clear it all away at the end.

Unlike other birthday party and Bar mitzvah ideas, a candy buffet is both different and unexpected. Your guests help themselves to fill their bag at the sweetie table with all of their favourite candy and sweets including kosher and other dietary requirements.
Unlike other Candy Buffet and Sweetie table companies, we are professional designers and have perfected our designs just for you.

And don't forget adults love a sweetie table too! Its not just the kids who will get stuck into your birthday candy buffet, the kids often have had to stand in line while the adults helped themselves to our delicious sweetie tables.
Your candy buffet can serve as the perfect icebreaker to your birthday party as your guests continue to gravitate towards it.
We also provide a full catering service for children's parties, so not only the sweet treats but children's party boxes and hot food options. (Catering facilities would need to be provided).

Contact Sweetie Factory today for your perfect birthday sugar station. Your candy buffet can be themed anyway you want and don't forget to fasten your seat belt for theming on an impressive scale. Let Sweetie Factory design a Sweetie Table in your honour that will ensure your guests are suitably wowed! View our Birthday Gallery in the Sweetie Shop on the left.

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