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Sweet Marketing
At Sweetie Factory we are passionate about Sweets and Marketing and so we have created our corporate division to satisfy the need for sweets as a marketing tool beyond a bowl of sad barley sugars on your desk, or exhibition stand.
When you want customer participation, impact and ROI then a candy buffet, sweetie tree or promotional sweets will give you what you need for a marketing shout out.
Imagine your customers taking one of your branded boxes or bags and filling it to their hearts content. Then as they browse through your store, exhibition, or event they are spiking the interest of other foot traffic, instantly you are extending the average customer's floor time in your area, and dramatically increasing the potential for sales.
Our displays and products are all bespoke and designed with your company in mind and your budget. Why not give us a call and see what we can create for your next event on 07798912572 or email us on sweets@sweetiefactory.co.uk

We believe that our selections of delightfully presented chocolates and sweets will assist your business by improving your direct and indirect marketing, helping you to acquire and retain customers by adding that special touch to your corporate events, product launches and events, or, a thank you when you want to show appreciation to your staff or clients.
We can add personalised branding, luxurious, handmade boxes, satin ribbon and complementary gift wrapping.
If you are looking to create a truly memorable corporate event then have a look at some of our ideas below.

Corporate Workshops

Our entertainment ideas and corporate workshops are great for inspiring and entertaining your employees or clients and are ideal for developing and team building. From Sweetie Tree making to Gingerbread house construction we will have something that will work for you. to motivate your team. Entertaining clients, team building or just good fun break out sessions, working with sweets always brings a team together or can generate healthy competition.

We have put together some ideas for you to get started:
Product Launches and Events Our Corporate Event Candy Buffets.
Sweetie Trees Selection of Our Sweetie Trees
Corporate Gifts Corporate Gift Selections.
Exhibitions Exhibition sweets and displays

Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions
Store Openings, Gala Events, Cocktail Parties.

Thrill your guests with a branded Candy Buffet to match.
When you need to create a truly unique experience for your customers at your product launch, store opening, PR event or exhibition you are always on the look out for new ideas. You want something that can deliver the customer participation, impact and a return on your investment.

Nothing impresses guests and the press like a candy buffet. Watch your customers fill one of your branded bags or boxes and observe as they browse throughout your store or stand delivering your message.
Sweetie Factory has helped PR companies and event organisers bring their event ideas to life, allowing guests to help themselves to a branded box of sweets and candy while they enjoy the proceedings.

Elegant and sophisticated to suit a fashion show, or childlike to suit the younger-set. Whatever your product or theme ideas are we can create a candy buffet to match.
Don't forget that your branding receives extra shelf-life as your guests take their sweets and box home with them to enjoy at their leisure. We know your guests will continue to rave about the candy buffet for weeks, if not months to come. View Product Store Launch Gallery

Wedding Candy Buffets and Events

Dessert Tables

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