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Extra Items

All our tables are bespoke and designed with you and your event in mind, and our sweet and dessert tables vary in price depending on the amount of products you would like budget you would like to work to.  
We have added some guide prices for you and we can mix and match the items for you.  Stand hire is included for the items in the set up and delivery costs.Should you have any specific requirements or individual wishes please contact us. 
 We are happy to work in collaboration with Event Planners and can co-ordinate and arrange cakes and dessert tables to match our table designs.

View the extra items we offer

Dessert ItemsEach
Cup cakes (buttercream, basic design)
Cupcakes (decorated)
from £2.00
from £3.50
Cake pops from £2.00
Gourmet Caramel Apples£6.00
Small chocolate Ganache Tarts£2.99
Individual Cheesecakes£3.50
Truffle cups£1.95
Iced Decorated Biscuits£2.50
Millionaire’s shortbread£1.25

Chocolate Lollies£1.75
Popcorn Lollies£2.99
Chocolate coated Marshmallow pops£1.25
Marshmallow Lollies £1.95
Fresh Coconut Ice £3.00 (x6)
Pate de Fruits £3.00 (x6)
Fresh cream Truffles (Raspberry Vodka etc) £6.00 (x6)
Chocolate Shapes£4.50 (x6)
Fresh Marshmallows£3.00 (x6)

Speciality Chocolate and sweets in addition to buffet Each
Custom Coloured M&M's£23.15 (x 1 kilo )
Coloured Jelly beans£25.00 (x 1 kilo)
Marc de Champagne Dusted White Chocolate Truffles £8.00 ( x 12)
Violet Dark Chocolate Crèmes£8.00 ( x 12)
Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffles£8.00 ( x 12)
Cocoa Dusted Brandy Dark Chocolate Truffles£8.00 ( x 12)
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels £8.00 ( x 12)
Marc de Champagne White Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry Sprinkles £8.00 ( x 12)
Kosher Sweets (an additional)£100 per 100 guests
Halal Sweets (an additional)£100 per 100 guests
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