Retro Bags of Sweets - Small

Retro Bags of Sweets - Small

This is like your own favourite sweet shop, crammed with your favourite retro sweets because we love sweets as much as you do. You can ask for your favourites sweets from the top quality brands and confectioners such as Haribos, Swizzels Matlow, Barretts, Tuck shop and many many more

We can find all types of sweets (from the UK and some from other countries) here, from Flying Saucers Fluffy marshmallows, Bon Bons of all sorts of flavours, jelly babies, Shrimps and Bananas, Barratts Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, Pineapple Chunks and Cola Cubes and Love Hearts.just ask for your favourite.

Our retro sweets are sold in 250g labelled bag, 300g Small Jars, and 600g large bags and Jars. (Weigh out depends on sweets required) which is plenty to enjoy

Don't forget to check out our other gifts items including our personalised jars of sweets, our gift hampers, all make for a great birthday gift or just a special treat.Retro Sweets have a great feel good factor, they often bring back childhood memories, we have sourced some old favourites just for you. Remember the days when the corner shop was packed full of jars of sweets? Well, we may just have what you are looking for.

Our Price: £2.99 Inc VAT
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