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What is a Sweetie Table? 
A Candy Buffet is beautiful display of delicious sweets that we designed personally to match and complement the colour and theme of your event. Sweet tables provide beautiful entertainment and edible decor for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Christenings, Red Carpet Events, Fashion Launches, Product Launch, Exhibition Events, Engagement Parties, Corporate events you name it you need one!!! 

Why should I have a Candy Buffet at my event? 
Our Candy Buffets are unique and unforgettable and they will provide your guests with an experience that will have them talking for ages. Not only is it a great assortment of your favourite sweets but it can be as an alternative to a party bag or wedding favour, or combined with beautiful cakes and our fantastic dessert selection to create a divine dessert table. 

Should I have a Candy Buffet for my wedding? 
Candy Buffets and Sweet Tables are one of the hottest item for a wedding receptions right now. Your Candy Buffets will be a fantastic way for your guests to mingle with each other. Watch their eyes light up as they shovel sweets with passion into their sweet bags. We can also custom design bags and boxes to add a extra special touch.  

How many sweets can I have? 
We calculate how much sweets dependant on your guest numbers, and as we use "big" bags of sweets there are usually lots for topping up the jars. Remember that some companies re use left over sweets from other events, or just fill up one small jar with sweets so 15 varieties sounds a lot but in reality you don't get that much. We use fresh sweets for every event. Our large jars hold in excess of 3 kgs of some sweets so you get a lotta yummy for your money! What are my sweet choices? We can get pretty much any sort of sweets, from colours to brands to types, so if you have a special request please go ahead and ask us. We take into account your favourites and also the colour scheme of the buffet, so if you are having a black and white theme, we try and avoid red or coloured sweets. We do all the hard work find the best sweets for you and your guests so please tells us your favourites and what you don't like. If you want additional specialist sweets and chocolate We can provide those too for you, from Kosher products, vegetarian, Chocolate, coloured M&M's, Jelly beans, the list is endless. 

Who is responsible for set up, tear down, & clean up? 
We are! We like to arrive at least 2 hours prior your event commencing and after the event, we will package all the remaining sweets for you for munching throughout the following days or for your midnight feast. It takes us a minimum of an hour and half to set up the buffet perfectly. If the turn around time is short let us know and we will work to your venues requirement. We will also need to be able to load in and out as we have a lot of heavy sweet boxes! If your venue needs the buffet to be dismantled straight after the event and if this is after 11 pm it may incur an additional charge. We like to have a little chat with your venue organisers to ensure we know everything that we need to. We usually require the table to be provided, and it can be round or long, and depends on the no of guests as to how big the table or tables need to be. So we do all the work leaving you to concentrate on looking fabulous & enjoy. 

How much does a Candy Buffet cost? 
We can work to your budget and it depends if you require any further items from our extensive list of extras. Please have a look at our Candy Buffet pricing pages or give us a ring and we can work out the best options for you and your event. 

Can you provide an attendant to maintain the Candy Buffet during the event? 
Yes. For an additional fee, we can provide friendly Candy Buffet attendant(s) to top up the buffet and assist your guests as required. 

How long can I have the Candy Buffet at my event? 
As long as you would like is the answer. If your event is over a number of days please give us a ring and we can work out the best strategy to keep the sugar fully loaded! 

What are the table & linen requirements? 
It is very important that we have a strong and robust table to support the candy buffet and the containers. We can provide the linen for you (included in price) or the venue may supply linens. Any special cloths or linens will be to be made available to our set up crew on arrival. So make sure that you confirm your requirements with your caterer or event manager before hand so there is no delay in the setting up of your Candy Buffet. 

What happens a container is broken? 
Accidents unfortunately happen and we can sort this all out after your event. We suggest that a valid credit card is required for deposit and breakages or stolen items will be charged to the card. A list of vase and container pricing is available upon request. Our glassware is all hand picked and we aim to provide you with sturdy glassware. 

Do you provide the decor, signs and props for the Candy Buffet? 
Our Candy Buffets are all designed with your requirements in mind from bespoke sweet labels to signs and props on the table. You are more than welcome to add any touches you wish. 

I want an outdoor wedding; can we have the Candy Buffet outside? 
Yes we can, but based on the reliability of our weather we would suggest that there is a cover over the buffet. Also the table must be completely level. 

Where do you provide Candy Buffets? 
We cover the whole of the UK and we can travel to Europe if required (additional charges may apply). 

Do you require a reservation & a deposit? 
Yes we do, we need a signed contract and a 50% deposit at the time of booking the remaining 50% is payable 1 month prior to your event date. We can also work around a payment arrangement if needed. 

Will my Candy Buffet to match my colours and theme? 
Of Course, we love creating Candy Buffets around themes and colours and have a reputation for our inspiring creativity. We love what we do and it shows. 

What happens on the day of the event? 
We will arrive at least 2 hours before your guests arrive and we will have contacted your venue or coordinator to discuss your requirements. When you arrive all is set up for you to enjoy watching your guests be amazed at your candy buffet. And then at the end we return to pack up the empties whilst you enjoy in the glory of a successful event. 

I want a Candy Buffet, what do I do now? 
Excellent Choice Just give us a call on 07798912572, send us an email on sweets@sweetiefactory.co.uk and we can then discuss all your requirements and outline a plan and your range of options so that you get the exact candy buffet to meet your needs.
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