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Corporate Edible Gifting

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Why Edible Corporate Gifting

Corporate edible gifting enables a connection with clients, employees and prospects by the giving of a gift, and an edible personalised and branded treat is a powerful experience. 

Edible items give a great connection to the receiver and your brand, the better the treat the better your brand is remembered.

Receiving an edible gift is an impactful experience that develops a bond with the giver, creating a positive impression of the individual or brand. 

As a result, marketers, companies and entrepreneurs have utilised the power of gift-giving to establish and maintain robust ties with potential and current customers, not only showing gratitude for their business but creating positive connections. 

Incorporating edible corporate gifting into your marketing or employee retention strategy can significantly enhance both satisfaction and return on investment.

We have not only a selection of items to choose from but will also work with you to create the gift that you want at a price point that works for you.  In addition to our delivery contacts we can arrange individual deliveries and internationally too.

Contact us on 07798912572 or send us an enquiry to sweets@sweetiefactory.co.uk 

 When your clients and prospects receive something enjoyable, your brand will be linked and associated with that. We aim to make sure that your brand or business makes your marketing taste good.    Sweetie Factory not only create branded marketing and promotional treats and gifts uniquely and often handmade for your business, but we guide you to choose the branded edible gifts best matched for client and prospect enjoyment. 

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