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The Cake Box

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Brownies from The Cake and Treat Box by Sweetie Factory came about from a love of chocolate which began with our company Sweetie Factory in 2009. 
Our handmade gourmet brownies and chocolates were always a great hit and one of the favourites on our Dessert Tables.  
so we decided to take our products online and locally.

We are based in Cambridgeshire and produce our chocolates in small batches to ensure quality and our new flavours are influenced through classic bases made beautifully for quality ingredients.
Our luxury chocolates are made by hand in small batches which gives a luxurious product not found in a mass produced chocolate. We use the finest Belgium and Swiss Chocolate with fresh ingredients with no additives, and all made in our rural kitchens in Cambridgeshire. 

Perfect for treats, gifting or just pure indulgence

Janet Marsh started her career in catering, working in many top class hotels and in the Middle East and first went into business within recruitment where she build up a successful business.  But she wanted to get back into her passion which was baking and creating.  She started with Sweetie Factory, which is a company that provided sweet and dessert table for weddings and events.

Janet had though envisioned an online business with her brownies, gourmet chocolates, cakes confectionary and this was now a perfect opportunity to take this to the next level. Janet wanted to create products that were simple but tasted sublime, popular flavours done with finesse and she enjoys chocolate and wants you to step inside our your chocolate box to experience her love of chocolate and treats.

Our luxurious gourmet brownies chocolates and truffles are a sure fire way to satisfy  a chocoholic craving and of course they make a great gift for friends, family and that person who has everything.  
Couverture Belgian Chocolate is combined simply with butter, free range eggs, sugar and flour as you would at home. Although our recipe calls for a LOT MORE chocolate than most!

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Call on 07798912572 or email us on sweets@sweetiefactory.co.uk

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