Extra Items

We produce many confectionary dessert and cake products with interesting and unusual flavours and colours that we can add into your display. Once you have decided on using us then we can discuss in length an idea of the look you would like.   We can also hire acrylic and mirrored tables and consoles for your display.  

Please let us know any of your ideas and we can source the right display table for you.    
Sweetie Factory personally style and set-up your table on your event day and we can work closely with you your venue, florist and any other suppliers to ensure all that is required comes together on the day.  
And for those chocoholics we can provide a totally chocolate table including gourmet truffles, pralines, handcrafted items and branded favourite items such as Cadburyäó»s View the extra items we offer
  • Cakes and Biscuits
  • Iced Decorated Cookies: starting from Œ£3 each
  • Large Iced Cookie Pops: starting at Œ£5 each
  • Plain Cake Pops: starting at Œ£1.75 each
  • Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes: from Œ£1.30 each
  • Ornate Decorated Cupcakes :from Œ£3.00 each
  • Mini Cakes from Œ£5.00 each
  • Small 2 tier Cakes Œ£25.00 each
  • Cake Stand of Tray Bake items Œ£12.00
  • Mini Dessert cups (in approx 35ml shot glasses) from Œ£1.50
  • Blackberry Mint Brownie
  • Coconut & passion fruit dessert
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Lime pie dessert
  • White chocolate and raspberry dessert shots
  • Chocolate mint aero desserts
  • Strawberry Shortcake shot
  • Jaffa cup
  • White chocolate and fruit cup
  • Lemon mousse
  • Blueberry panna cotta
  • Belgian chocolate & raspberry mousse
  • Individual raspberry cheesecakes 
  • Lemon & raspberry jelly
  • Mini Pattisiere items and Tarts from Œ£2.30 each
  • Chocolate Truffle Tarts
  • Tartes Amandines
  • Lemon / Passion Fruit/ Lime Tart
  • Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts
  • Operas
  • Madelines
  • Fresh Fruit Tarts
  • Eclairs
  • Choux Buns
  • Andalousies
  • Meringues starting from .30p each
  • Handmade Chocolate and Confectionary
  • Handmade Truffle Classic Flavour: Œ£0.75 each (min order 50)
  • Handmade Truffle Luxury flavour or Alcohol Flavour: Œ£1.00 each (min order 50)
  • Specialty Chocolate Truffles from Œ£8.00 x 12
  • Violet and Rose Chocolate CríÂmes from Œ£8.00 x 12
  • Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel truffles from Œ£8.00 x 12
  • Marc de Champagne Truffles from Œ£8.00 x 12äóÂäóÂäóÂäóÂäóÂäóÂäóÂ
  • Luxury Truffle cases gold or silver: from 90p per case
  • Belgium Chocolate coated Oreos starting from Œ£1.50
  • Oreo Pyramid White Chocolates Starting from .50p each
  • Flavoured  Pyramid White Chocolates Starting from 1.00 each
  • Decorated Chocolate Caramel Apple: starting from Œ£4.50 each
  • Cake Stand of Fresh Marshmallows starting from Œ£15.00
  • Cake Stand of Home Made Fudge starting from Œ£15.00
  • Cake Stand of Pate De Fruits starting from Œ£20.00
  • Belgium Chocolate Lollies starting from Œ£1.95 Each
  • Tray Belgium Chocolate Popcorn bites starting from Œ£15.00
  • Belgium Chocolate coated Marshmallow pops starting from Œ£1.25 Each
  • Custom Coloured M&M's from Œ£26 x 1 kilo
  • Jelly Belly beans from Œ£25.00 x 1 kilo
  • Retro Sweets
  • Sweet Jar Large Starting from Œ£30 each (Includes retro sweets and jar hire) Holds approx 3 kgs
  • Sweet Jar Small starting from Œ£15 each (Includes retro sweets and jar hire) Holds approx 1 kgs
  • Table set up, stand and prop hire and delivery from Œ£150 

Kosher Certified Sweets (an additional)Σ100 per 100 guests

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