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1920's themed Candy Buffet

American Hard gums

Apple Fizz belts

Artisan chocolate truffles box of 12

Artisan Chocolate Truffles Box of 4

Artisan chocolate truffles box of 6

Artisan chocolate truffles box of 9

Baby Shower Iced Biscuits

Biscoff Buttercream Drip Cake

Black and White Glamour Dessert Table

Black,White and Silver Chanel inspired Dessert and Sweet Table

Blue Corporate Candy Buffet

Blue Marshmallows

Blue Teddy Themed baby shower

Broadway Themed Sweetie Table

Bubble gum bottles

Cake Pops

Candy bananas

Candy Buffet African Themed

Candy Buffet Alice in Wonderland Themed

Candy Buffet for Alex Gerrard Baby Shower

Candy Buffet for Boodles the Jewellers

Candy Buffet for Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

Candy Buffet Garden Party

Candy Buffet in Black and White

Candy Buffet in Pink Turquoise and Animal Print

Candy Buffet Navy Blue and Silver

Candy Buffet Pink and Sparkly

Candy Buffet Willy Wonka

Candy Necklaces

Candy Necklaces

Candy Shrimps

Candy Watches

Cheese Table


Cherry Bonbon

Cherry Bonbon

Cherry Fizz Balls

Cherry Fizz Balls

Chocolate Buttercream Drip Cake

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box of 9

Cola Bottles

Cola Fizzballs

Corporate Candy Buffet and Sweetie Table for Cambridge News

Cupcakes for Weddings and Occasions

Dark Chocolate Buttercream Drip Cake

Dark Chocolate Rose Cremes

Dark Chocolate Violet Cremes

Dessert Table Pink Minnie Mouse


Ferrari Red and Yellow Dessert Table

Fish n Chips

Fizzy Blue Babies

Fizzy Cherries

Fizzy cherry Cola

Fizzy cherry Cola

Fizzy Chips

Fizzy Cola

Fizzy Cola

Fizzy Dummies

Fizzy Mix

Fizzy Peaches

Fizzy Sour Cherries

Fizzy Strawberries

Fizzy Strawberries

Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers

Foam Mushrooms

Foam Mushrooms

Foam Strawberries

Football Themed Kids Party Candy Buffet

Fresh Cocoa Marshmallows

Fresh Passion Fruit Marshmallows coated in coconut

Fresh Passion Fruit Marshmallows

Fresh Strawberry Marshmallows

Fried Eggs

Frozen Themed Kids Party Candy Buffet

Fruit Jellies

Giant Strawberries

Gold and Pastels Dessert and Sweet Table

Green and Liliac Wedding Candy Buffet

Green and Pink Candy Buffet

Gummy Bears

Hand Made 24ct Gold Chocolate Pyramids

Hand Made Chocolate Truffles

Handmade Brookies box of 4

Handmade salted caramel brownies box of 6

Heart Jazzies

Huge hamper full of retro sweets


Jelly Beans

Juicy lips

Kola Cubes

Large Gingerbread House

Lemon Bonbons

Lemon Bonbons

Marc de Champagne White Chocolate Truffles

Medium Gingerbread House

Milk chocolate Drops


Mini eggs

Minion Themed Kids Party Dessert Table

Moustache Baby Shower in Blue and Green

Pick n Mix - The Everything One

Pick n Mix The Fizzy One

Pick n Mix The Gummi One

Pick n Mix The Vegan One

Pink Alice in Wonderland Sweetie Table

Pink and White Candy Chocolate Mice

Pink and White Jelly Hearts

Pink and White Marshmallows

Pink Dessert Table

Pink Pigs Chocolate Candy

Pink Truffle and Marshmallow Candy Buffet

Pink, White and Silver Dessert Table

Raspberry bonbons

Red Green Purple Red Corporate Dessert Table

Red Heart Throbs

Rosy Apples

Rustic Lemon Sweetie Table

Sherbet Lemons

small Gingerbread House

Small Pear Drops


Songebob Squarepants Themed Kids Party Candy Buffet

Spinning Hannahs

Strawberry Bonbons

Strawberry Bonbons

Strawberry Fizz Belts

Strawberry Milkshakes

Strawberry Vanilla Buttercream Drip Cake

Tinkerbell Pink and Green Sweetie Table

Toffee Bonbons

Wedding Candy Buffet and Dessert Table

Wedding Candy Buffet in corals

Wedding Candy Buffet in Emerald Green

Wedding Candy Buffet in Green

Wedding Candy Buffet in Pinks and Golds

Wedding Candy Buffet in Silver and White

Wedding Candy Buffet in Vintage Pink

Wedding Candy Buffet in White and Silver

Wedding Dessert Table in Gold and Corals

Wedding Dessert Table in White

Wedding Gingerbread House

Wedding Sweetie Table Table Pink and gold

White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

White Chocolate drops

White Chocolate Mice

White Chocolate Stars

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